Mr. Taylor and his staff handled my divorce and QDRO. Our divorce was amicable and even my ex-wife has nothing but nice things to say about Mr. Taylor's office. He was extremely supportive in the process, guiding me through the steps, ensured there were no gaps in documentation and everything was submitted on time. His strategy is focused on being extremely amicable, acting more as a mediator with the other party and my ex-wife (who had her own lawyer) really appreciated this. Our divorce only took 1 year to settle and Mr. Taylor went above and beyond even to the point of assisting the other lawyer when needed to make sure no one defaulted with the court. Lisa Browning is handling the QDRO and is also extremely knowledgeable in the process, sensitive, and caring. The retainer and rates are extremely reasonable, work is quick and always right the first time. This office puts their clients and their loved ones first. While working through the MSA they always provided the ex-wife and I several options and left it up us to discuss and come back with an agreement that then they put on paper. The ex and I would review together, make revisions as needed and he would explain to me any changes and how they could affect me today as well as in the future. I am extremely confident that eventhough all parties worked together that he represented me and my interests first. I thank God that he put Mr. Taylor's office in our path. I would highly recommend Carl Taylor and Lisa Browning. - from Google Review.K.S.