Whether you're contemplating a divorce, are ready to file for divorce, or need to ensure the equitable division of assets or fair financial support and custody arrangements for your children, our skilled New Jersey family law attorneys are ready to assist you. Find out more about the cases we handle and the solutions-oriented legal services we provide here.


When spouses build a life together, they become accustomed to a certain standard of living within the marriage. But what happens when a couple separates or divorces, leaving one spouse with clear economic advantages over the other? In New Jersey, the spouse on firmer foundation financially may be required to provide support payments to the other to help them maintain the marital standard of living. Learn about alimony and spousal support in New Jersey divorces, and how our attorneys can help you obtain an equitable agreement.

Child Custody & Parenting TimeChild Custody & Parenting Time

Determining child custody and parenting time arrangements can be emotional and contentious. It's essential for parents to set aside their differences and focus on what matters—their children's well-being. Our seasoned divorce and family law attorneys can help you keep your eye on the prize, and negotiate an agreement that protects your rights and your children, and is fair to all involved. Learn more here.

Child SupportChild Support

In New Jersey, both parents are responsible for financially supporting their children—and that obligation doesn't go away just because the parents divorce or were never married. Child support, paid from one parent to the other, ensures that the children have what they need to grow and thrive. Learn about how child support is calculated in New Jersey and how our attorneys can help you negotiate an agreement that meets your children's needs.


Divorce can be a complicated and difficult process, but our skillful attorneys are committed to making it go as smoothly as possible. We're here to help you protect your rights, your interests, and your future. Find out what you need to know about New Jersey divorce basics, the state's marriage dissolution process, and how we can help you survive it.

Asset DivisionAsset Division

Asset division is a hotly contested issue in many New Jersey divorces and, if your spouse isn't playing by the rules, ensuring the equitable distribution of marital property can be even more difficult. Find out more about the state's property division laws, the factors used when determining distribution, and how our attorneys can help you fight for the assets you deserve.

Prenuptial AgreementsPrenuptial Agreements

When a marriage fails, it can have devastating financial consequences for those involved. If you're getting married in New Jersey, a prenuptial agreement is a practical way to protect your assets and interests in the event of a divorce. Learn more about the benefits of a prenup, when you should consider one, and how our experienced divorce and family law attorneys can help you craft an agreement that's right for you and your circumstances.

Domestic ViolenceDomestic Violence

Domestic violence and abuse can keep victims trapped in dangerous relationships and marriages. Our adept New Jersey divorce and family law attorneys can help victims develop a strategy—and take appropriate legal action—to ensure a safe exit and a brighter future. Are you a victim of abuse? Find out how we can assist you.