parenting time agreementsReaching an agreement on issues such as child custody and parenting time can be an extremely emotional part of the divorce process. Putting aside your own issues and working together is not only the right thing to do for your children, but it's also what the law demands.

Barring certain exceptions, New Jersey courts believe that children have a right to a loving, supportive relationship with both parents. As a result, they often attempt to make parenting time—formerly known as visitation—as equitable as possible.

Though the court can make parenting time decisions for you, it's strongly recommended that you and your soon-to-be ex work together to make a plan that's in your children's best interests.

Once you've figured out the day-to-day arrangements, you may be tempted to pat yourselves on the back and call it a day. Not so fast. Your work is nowhere near finished until you've tackled decisions regarding:

  • Special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and school vacations. Where will your children spend their birthdays—and yours? How will you alternate which parent they're with for holidays or when they're out of school?
  • Phone access and virtual visitation. How often can the children speak to the non-custodial parent by phone? When is virtual visitation via Skype or FaceTime appropriate?
  • Exceptions to the plan to accommodate out-of-state or international travel. What happens when a parent misses scheduled parenting time due to travel? Is the missed visitation made up? Traded in exchange for the time set aside for the other parent? Can virtual visitation take the place of an in-person visit?

Consult an Experienced Attorney About Your Parenting Time Plan

Creating a parenting time plan that protects your rights and what's best for your children can be challenging. Fortunately, the adept divorce and family law attorneys with Carl Taylor Law can help. 

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