Not every family law matter is simple.  Particularly in contested divorces or other contested family law matters, a need may arise for one or more “experts.”  This post will briefly review some of the more common types of experts.   These experts will often times review materials/meet with parties and/or their children, write reports, and sometimes testify in Court.  Some experts are ordered by the Court and others are retained by the parties.  In addition, each party may retain their own expert or, in the alternative, can agree upon a “joint” expert.

Real Estate Appraisers

If there is a question as to the value of the marital home or other real estate, a real estate agent may be retained to perform a real estate appraisal.  Real estate agents may also be retained to advise of the proper listing price and what, if any repairs will be required before the house can be listed.  This is particularly necessary when the parties cannot agree to repairs, a listing date or a sales price.

Forensic Accountants 

A common concern amongst parties is the possibility that their spouse/soon to be former spouse is or may be hiding assets.  Discovery methods are utilized to procure documentation and information, but sometimes a forensic accountant may be required to follow the trail of money and assets.

Child Custody Experts

Certain psychologists specialize in meeting with the children and the parents and advising as to the best custody and parenting time schedules.


From a rare stamp collection to sports memorabilia valuation, sometimes an expert in a specific field might be required to appraise the value of item(s) for buy-out and other valuation purposes.

Business Appraisers 

Valuation of a business can, at times, be the most important issue to resolve in a divorce.

Employment Expert

If an individual is alleged to be underemployed or if there is an issue as to income imputation, then an employment expert might be retained to review the individuals work history and degrees and draft a report as to his or her income potential.

The above are just some of the many potential experts that may be retained in certain New Jersey family law actions.

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