parent and child having virtual visitation online

One of the main concerns many parents have when going into a divorce is that changing family dynamics and housing arrangements will cause their relationship with their children to suffer. The idea of not being able to see your children—or spend time with them—as often as you'd like can be painful.

Fortunately, the court's position that children have the right to a loving, supportive relationship with both parents has led to the creation of more equitable child custody and parenting time agreements. And when you and your children can't be together, texts, emails, and video chat apps such as Skype and FaceTime make staying connected easier than ever before.

Crafting a Virtual Visitation Agreement

Virtual visitation has numerous benefits for both children and parents. For example, you can talk to your children about their day, have a meaningful heart-to-heart, or help them with their homework.

However, before you make virtual visitation a part of your life, there are a few things to consider:

  • Will the virtual visitation be informal, or will you add it to your child custody or parenting time agreements?
  • Will virtual visitations be unfettered, or will you set guidelines for frequency, reason, duration, and type of contact?
  • Under what limited circumstances could a virtual visit take the place of a missed in-person visit—for example, if one parent was out-of-town due to work obligations. Virtual visitation should never become a regular replacement for in-person visits.

Though virtual visitation can be beneficial, it can also be abused if one parent tries to interfere or censor communication, or attempts to make the children feel guilty for maintaining a relationship with their other parent.

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