It's possible. Couples who put their differences aside and work together to negotiate the terms of their divorce can save themselves considerable time, money, and heartache. However, even when a divorce is uncontested, you can still benefit from experienced legal counsel. Here's why.

obtaining an uncontested divorce in New JerseyWhen you and your spouse agreed to end your marriage and to do so amicably, that was just the first of many steps toward obtaining an uncontested divorce. There's still a lot to do before the marriage can be dissolved, including reaching total agreement on a wide range of crucial issues, including:

A skilled New Jersey divorce and family law attorney can help you hammer out all the details and put your agreement into writing. Most importantly, your divorce attorney can help you protect your rights throughout the process—which is necessary, even in a divorce that's uncontested.

Going through your attorney to draw up the agreement prevents a spouse from trying to alter the terms if their mood changes. Even when both spouses are operating in good faith, it's easy to overlook something. Your attorney can help prevent that, too.

After you've completed the divorce forms and filed and served the papers, the final step involves attending a court hearing. There, a judge reviews the divorce agreement and potentially asks questions before signing the final decree. Though this hearing should go smoothly if the divorce is uncontested, having high-quality legal representation can help ensure a successful outcome.

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