I get a lot of telephone calls from prospective clients where they ask: “How much do you charge for a divorce?” My answer rarely satisfies them. “It depends,” is the only truthful thing I can say.

For one thing, New Jersey Court Rules do not allow contingency fees in divorces. Also, few if any attorneys will do flat rate divorces. There are (generally) just too many intangibles in a New Jersey Divorce to determine the ultimate cost. How willing are both clients to concede points and settle? Is the divorce going to be uncontested (generally through mediation) or contested (litigation). Is the county of the divorceable to process family law cases quickly and efficiently or are they down two (three? more?) judges? Is the other attorney reasonable?

Will Something Unforeseen Occur?

There are ways to keep costs down, but there really is no definite way to say with how much a specific divorce will cost. That is why most divorce attorneys take a retainer and charge by the hour. That is why I can’t answer the price question other than to say I will do my best to keep costs as low as possible given the parameters of the case and your goals and objectives.

Ways to Decrease Costs of New Jersey Divorce

There are some ways that a client can help his or her attorney keep the New Jersey Divorce costs low.  They can:

  • Enter the divorce proceedings with a spirit of compromise.
  • Do some legwork on their end to keep costs low.
  • Be truthful and forthright with their attorneys so that no surprises come up later on.
  • Cut down on unimportant contact or wait until you have a few questions prior to making a telephone call or contacting the attorney.  (of course important information should be disclosed as soon as possible).
  • Try your best (if possible) to not let emotion blind you to the business side of the divorce.
  • Make concessions when the cost of fighting is greater than the issue.  (ex- $2,000 in litigation fighting over a $500.00 piece of furniture).
  • Doing homework and being informed of your legal rights and responsibilities.

In a lot of ways, the cost of a divorce is in the client’s hands.  The sooner a deal can be reached and the more both parties deal in good faith, the sooner a settlement agreement can be reached and the divorce can be finalized.

Your New Jersey Divorce Lawyer:

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