Just because two people are divorced, doesn’t mean they will have no relationship at all. They will often still have to work together with regards to their children, etc. Sometimes the parties are able to work together in the best interests of their children. Other times, old wounds from the divorce make it difficult to agree or compromise.

Holiday Parenting Time

Suppose the Father is supposed to exercise parenting time on the Fourth of July.   At the last minute, he realizes he has to work that day.  If the parties get along, he might be able to call the Mother and work out an arrangement that is mutually beneficial for all: such as he’ll have the child July 5th.  This issue would therefore be quickly resolved.

On the other hand, if the parties wanted to get worked up over this issue, then they might have to bring in their attorneys and pay perhaps hundreds of dollars in fees trying to work out this issue.


I’ve also seen instances where the one party loses their job and the parties have then worked together regarding alimony until a new job is found.  Otherwise, a motion for post-judgment relief might have to be filed, which could be costly.  This is another example of the benefits of working together post-divorce.  There are going to be moments where each party likely needs the assistance of the other (whether they like it or not), in those instances, the warm memory of a previous accommodation might be remembered.


There are instances where court, attorney or other intervention is required.  In some instances, one party will not be reasonable or a child’s safety or health might be at risk.  But there are also other times, where the parties could probably work something out together.   And in those times, that is likely the best option.

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