Once you have determined that a divorce is inevitable, the next step is finding an attorney.  Although some people represent themselves “pro se”, most individuals retain a divorce attorney to help them through the divorce process and to help protect their rights.  When choosing an attorney, there are some basic considerations such as: is the attorney licensed to practice in New Jersey, does the attorney’s practice emphasize family law, and is the attorney local?  Price is another important consideration that may limit the options available to potential clients.  There is somewhat of a range of hourly rates and retainer amounts.

Some of the ways that clients find attorneys are through referrals, through the local bar associations, and through the internet.

Once these basic considerations have been met, the next step is to determine the right attorney.  Personality plays a key role in divorce cases, and a good rapport between client and attorney is key.  The attorney-client relationship will likely last months or even years from the first initial consultation until the ultimate divorce, so personality will be more important than one might think.

Finally, competence and experience are always important when choosing any professional.  Most people today prefer attorneys that specialize in the area of divorce work, or only a few areas of law.  The days of the general practitioner are quickly coming to a close and specialization in law–as in medicine—is playing a larger role than ever before.

A good attorney will teach you about the process, walk you through the steps, and help you achieve your goals.  A good attorney will also be honest about what objectives are achievable.

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