breaking the cycle of domestic violenceMany people experience domestic violence at some point in their lives. While the victims are often women, men can also be abused. 

If you are being abused by your spouse, partner, family member, or household member, you are not alone. The experienced domestic violence lawyers at Carl Taylor Law are here to help you take immediate steps to protect yourself.

What Is the Cycle of Domestic Violence?

Many abusers go through a number of stages in their cycle of domestic violence. As a victim, understanding this can help you realize that you are not to blame for the abuse. Keep in mind that not all abusers go through every stage.

Here is the cycle that is often repeated in domestic violence situations:

  1. Abuse. Abuse of a victim can include emotional, physical, sexual, psychological, or economic abuse.
  2. Guilt. The abuser may apologize to the victim, but this is not because he feels sorry or guilty for hurting the victim. Instead, he is hoping to avoid the consequences of his actions. If he feels any internal guilt, the goal is to reassure himself that he should not face any ramifications of his actions.
  3. Rationalization. At this stage, the abuser will justify his actions to himself and blame the victim for his violence. 
  4. Normal. The abuser may try to pretend the abuse never happened and return to the “normal” life. He may even be more attentive and take his victim out to dinner, buy her flowers, or purchase an expensive gift. The goal is to keep the victim in the relationship and under his control.
  5. Fantasy. Some abusers will fantasize about the next time they will abuse the victim and plan it out. They may take pleasure in deciding how they “will make the victim” pay for something she supposedly did wrong.
  6. Set-up. This is the stage where the abuser sets up the victim so he can justify the abuse he is planning. 

Let Us Help You Stop the Domestic Violence 

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may feel trapped and like you have no options. The compassionate and skilled legal team at Carl Taylor Law LLC can help you obtain a restraining order and take other actions to stop the violence against you.

Call our Flemington office today to schedule your private, discreet consultation. We urge you not to delay taking this important step toward getting out of your dangerous situation.

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