For couples considering a New Jersey Divorce, the ultimate goal is reaching a divorce agreement, commonly known as a Marital Settlement Agreement (“MSA”) or a Property Settlement Agreement (“PSA”).

It may take months or years to reach agreement.  Throughout your divorce process, the divorce agreement will likely feel as though extended in space–just out of reach.  Some couples can find common ground in a matter of hours, whereas others require extensive discovery, court motions and actions, and hundreds of hours of negotiation.

But one thing I find is that many clients are uncertain about just what can be addressed in a Marital Settlement Agreement.  The purpose of this blog post is to briefly summarize some of the considerations in a standard Divorce Agreement.  In future blog posts I will further define and explain the specific clauses and considerations.

The Standard Divorce Agreement Considerations 

I hope the above assists you at the outset of a divorce (or even if you’re just considering a divorce) to better understand the types of issues that may be at play in your New Jersey divorce matter. 

 Your New Jersey Divorce Lawyer:

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