At Carl Taylor Law, LLC we always place our clients first, but we have also pledged to give back a great deal to the community, which supports our firm so warmly. 

When we opened our firm in 2017 (in our original office in Flemington, NJ before moving to our new office space in Raritan Township, NJ), part of our mission  was to be generous with the local community.  We also desired to make access to information about New Jersey divorce and family law more accessible.  We wanted to educate our clients and the public at large about New Jersey divorce and family law.  To that end, we wanted to highlight some of our endeavors in this regard:

* We recently donated $3,500.00 to a charity supporting local children's causes.

* We have also awarded thousands in "the Carl Taylor Law, LLC - Future Lawyer Scholarship," whereby we offer a $500.00 scholarship to a graduating senior in each of the public Hunterdon County, NJ high schools.

* We have also followed through on our pledge to make our book Happily EVEN After: the Guide to NJ Divorce available for free to any resident of Hunterdon County or Somerset County that is interested in a copy. (you can request a free copy from our website).

Finally, this week, we have donated our book to local libraries throughout the State of New Jersey, making the sometimes confusing and scary divorce process a bit more familiar to the public.

We know that sometimes lawyers do not have the best reputation (and perhaps no group of lawyers has a more challenging public relations challenge than divorce lawyers), but we believe that by putting our time (and money) where our mouths are, we can continue to assist residents of Central New Jersey and the state of New Jersey as a whole.  Divorce can be a troubling and confusing time, and almost everyone we know has been impacted by a divorce of serious family law issue.  These issues impact our children, our parents, our brothers, our sisters, our friends, the the community at large.  A great deal of unnecessary harm is caused by lack of information about the process and a system that sometimes fails to protect those in need.  It is our opinion that the more the public is aware of their rights (and yes, their responsibilities) in important New Jersey divorce and family law matters, the better off our local society and state will be.  We're glad to play some small measure in giving back to the community and fostering positive change.  

In sum, we're proud to be divorce lawyers in Hunterdon County and to share our success with the community at large!

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