This year our firm offered a $500.00 scholarship to one graduating high school senior from each of the Hunterdon County public high schools. The “Carl Taylor Law – Future Lawyer Scholarship” was a success and was bestowed upon some very worthy future lawyers this year. 

I had the opportunity to recently attend the Delaware Valley Regional High School Senior Award Ceremony to give out our scholarship personally and it was a great event. A lot of great local future leaders out there! 

Sometimes the law is looked down upon by people and lawyers sometimes are seen as parasitic or money-hungry. This is a shame because almost everyone I know that went to law school did so with the best of intentions. To be fair, there are all types of lawyers (just like there are all types of police officers, all types of teachers, all types of doctors and so on), but for some reason lawyers are singled out in our society.

That is one of the reasons why our firm gives back to the local community. We love our local community and we want people to view lawyers in a better light. That is also why we give out so much free information, including our pledge to give out a free copy of my book to any resident of Hunterdon or Somerset County in New Jersey.

In their essays, the recipients of the Carl Taylor Law – Future Lawyer Scholarship all spoke about service to the community, giving back, and making a positive difference in the world. Like most of the people I know that pursued law school, there was a sense of idealism. Hopefully the law will not take that away from them and they can continue to change the conversation about what it means to be a lawyer.

I chose to provide this scholarship to each of the local public high schools because public education is very important to me. My wife works as an administrator in public schools providing leadership in the important field of special education. Both of my parents worked and retired from long jobs in the public school system–my father as a custodian and my mother a secretary. My wife and I send our children to local public schools and they will eventually attend Central Hunterdon Regional High School. Finally, as a child of limited means but some ambition I would have never been able to pursue my dream of being a lawyer if it were not for public education (as well as scholarships for college).

Our firm was thus honored to be a small part of giving back to the local community and helping future local leaders.

Also, one of our prior year recipients recently graduated from Georgetown Law School so it’s neat to see things come full circle.

If you are reading this and you have an interest in also contributing to local high schools for graduating senior scholarships all you need to do is contact their guidance department and offer your assistance. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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