Carl Taylor, Esq., is a proud sponsor of the Somerset Patriots Baseball Team

Our firm has recently partnered with the Somerset Patriots to sponsor the first run scored by the Patriots in each home game this season. For each such run the firm has committed to donate $50.00 per home game to Safe Harbor Child Access Centers.

This is exciting to us for a number of reasons. Firstly, Safe Harbor Child Access Centers is a hard-working non-profit that assists with providing a place safe for supervised parenting time in disputed custody and related legal matters. An interesting aside, in our firm’s first office we rented space in the same building in Flemington as Safe Harbor. By committing to donate $50.00 per home game we will be able to provide support to this important local non-profit and to further give back to Hunterdon County, which is an important part of our mission statement.

Also, we are proud to commit to an initial two year sponsorship of the Somerset Patriots. As many of you know, the Somerset Patriots provide a kid-friendly place to catch great local baseball. As both a local resident and an avid baseball fan I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership. As the former Deputy County Counsel of Somerset County I know how important the Patriots are to the County of Somerset and its residents.

Along with the release of our new book on NJ Divorce Law and bringing new partner Lisa Stein-Browning, Esq., on board to join our firm, it has certainly been an exciting spring for Carl Taylor Law, LLC.

Thanks to all of our “fans” and clients for helping us continue to serve the community and to “do well by doing good.”


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