Our firm is proud to announce that we are now offering divorce mediation services. New partner Lisa Browning, Esq., has been building a divorce mediation practice for years along with her collaborative law and divorce and family law litigation practices.

Likewise, firm principle Carl Taylor, Esq., recently completed divorce mediation and is now also accepting matters as a divorce mediator as well as continuing his primary focus of divorce and family law litigation.

With the addition of Ms. Browning, Esq., the firm can now provide dynamic services in just about any type of New Jersey divorce or family law matter, including mediation, collaborative law, standard litigation, or arbitration.

Divorce mediation is a process where both parties (either with or without their attorneys present) meet with a neutral mediator who will attempt to assist them in amicably resolving their case. Under New Jersey rules the mediator cannot represent (or have previously consulted with or represented) either party to the matter. Divorce lawyers such as Ms. Browning, Esq., and Mr. Taylor, Esq., make good mediators as they are familiar with the law and the likely outcomes of a case.

To receive the designation of trained divorce mediator, Mr. Taylor, Esq., recently completed the 44.4 hour course “Family Mediation Training,” through the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education; a course which Ms. Browning, Esq., previously completed.

Although somewhat outside of the traditional legal system, New Jersey Divorce Mediation must be consistent with the Uniform Mediation Act of New Jersey (2004).

We look forward to continuing to work on behalf of clients and we also look forward to helping those in need of settlement with divorce mediation services.

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